Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Board Integration Choices

Yesterday evening, when preparing the bill of materials for integrating our board (ejtIMU), we noticed that accelerometers, gyros and magnetometers are now available integrated in the same microchip. The question is now what to do. Replacing the current design that envisages the HMC5883L magnetometer and the integrated gyro+acc chip MPU6050 with this unique chip (MPU-9150) including the three sensors?

We took a look to the sensors specs and actually the gyros+acc performances are equivalent among MPU6050 and MPU-9150. Nevertheless the compass informations  provided  the MPU-9150 specs are really poor. So we have decided to acquire the MPU-9150 break out from Sparkfun ( a bit expensive indeed, about 35 euros without VAT !!!) to test the magnetometer performance versus the well-known HMC5883L integrated in the Razor, FreeIMU and Mongoose platforms. We hope  to publish soon the trade off analysis

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